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Now Featuring DEXA Scan!

Weight Loss Specialist

If you have been unsuccessful with weight loss in the past, Dr. Rhee can help you. Providing weight loss services in Redlands, CA, Dr. Rhee as a diplomate of obesity medicine is able to assist you with FDA-approved medications along with comprehensive yet practical lifestyle changes. Learn more about what to expect when losing weight with the aid of your medical doctor.


Featuring DEXA Scan: The GOLD STANDARD of Body Composition Analysis

When it comes to analyzing total body composition, the most accurate type of scan you can get is the DEXA scan. DEXA, or dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, will provide you with accurate results of your body fat percentage, lean body mass, skeletal muscle mass, and is often used by professionals to predict osteopenia and osteoporosis by measuring bone mineral density.

How does DEXA scan work?

Accomplishing the procedure with minimal radiation exposure, the DEXA machine aims two X-ray beams at the bones and does a 10-20 minute full body scan. Where a regular X-ray can show changes in bone density after 40 percent bone loss, the DEXA detects changes as small as 1 percent – making it more sensitive and accurate. These statistics give you an idea of the precision with which body composition and fat content are measured with a DEXA scan.

Weight Loss F.A.Q.

Should I sign up for the Medical Weight Loss Program?

The Medical Weight Loss Program is especially for individuals who are considered to have a serious weight problem. If you are considered overweight or obese with a body mass index of more than 27 with health issues, you qualify for this program. Additionally individuals with a BMI of more than 30 even without health problems also qualify. Contact Dr. Rhee to determine if you qualify for this medical approach to weight loss.

What is the Lifestyle Medicine Program for weight loss?

Here at Dr. Rhee’s practice, he uses the Lifestyle Medicine Program for helping individuals lose weight for the long term. During the program you learn more to eat and exercise in a way that allows you to lose weight. Dr. Rhee provides education and plans for lifestyle changes that are feasible to commit to. You meet regularly with a consultation team that offers support and advice throughout the program. In addition to this program, you may be prescribed FDA-approved weight loss medication to help boost your initial weight loss. However, you are also given the tools and resources to continue with weight loss after you quit taking these medications, so there is little opportunity for regaining the weight you’ve lost.

When should I consider weight loss medications?

If you have been unsuccessful with losing weight with diet, exercise, or bariatric surgery, then weight loss medications from Dr. Rhee may benefit you. As a diplomate of obesity medicine specialty, Dr. Rhee can prescribe you FDA-approved weight loss drugs that are safe and effective. There are several types of medications available to patients. You may be able to lose about 10 pounds or more per month with these medications, depending on how your body responds to the drugs. A common issue is regaining weight lost after you stop taking these medications. Therefore, it is imperative to address the main reason why you are unable to lose weight. Dr. Rhee will work with you to get at the source of your weight retention.