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Tattoo Lightening
For some people, completely removing a tattoo isn't necessary. Laser tattoo treatments can also lighten tattoos, making it easier to touch up, cover up, or alter the tattoo. Lightening the tattoo makes it easier to effectively apply new ink to the piece, and gives your tattoo artist more freedom in what they can and cannot do. Lightening a tattoo instead of removing it can save you time and money and help you achieve fantastic results when you next visit a tattoo parlor.

Don’t Just Cover Up

Cover up tattoos must be darker than what they are covering up in order to work. Your artist is limited by the shape of the old tattoo. The less ink there is below it, the better the result of the new tattoo will be. This can also be applied to mistakes. In a few cases applying white ink can help make a flaw in your tattoo less prominent, but it doesn’t go away. The white ink will mix with any other color you try to apply afterward, making it difficult to make any alterations. If you want to try to rework the error in the future, lightening is the best plan of action.


Even if you are happy with your tattoo, you may still want to do some work on them. Time can take its toll on your ink, and you may want to return them to full luster. In cases where a tattoo no longer looks as good as it once did, some parts may need to be touched up. It would be silly to remove the whole tattoo only to put it back again. Instead, details can be sharpened and replaced and the colors renewed.

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