One of the most innovative ways to slim down your appearance is with liposculpture, which takes the benefits of liposuction to a whole new level. Dr. Rhee uses liposculpture as part of his comprehensive body contouring procedures in Redlands, CA. Learn more about liposculpture and specific techniques Dr. Rhee uses for this treatment including VASERlipo® and Smartlipo™.

What is liposculpture and how is it used?

When you get liposculpture, you can expect the fat removal of liposuction along with added tightening and contouring. As one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, liposculpture removes fatty tissue in problem areas you want to slim down. Even though it is not a weight loss procedure, it can be used to reduce fat in many areas of the body. Most of our patients use this procedure to transform the look of their chin, arms, buttocks, abdomen, and thighs. Dr. Rhee uses this method in conjunction with skin tightening and body contouring techniques as a motivation to continue a comprehensive healthy lifestyle to promote fitness.

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