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Body Contouring Specialist

If you want to reduce the appearance of sagging or dimpling skin, check out body contouring at JWR Wellness Clinics. Dr. Rhee provides body contouring in Redlands, CA using Viora and Vaser® Shape. Determine which type of body contouring is best suited for your needs.


Body Contouring F.A.Q.

What is Viora and how effective is this method of body contouring?

Viora is a body contouring method that tightens sagging skin without surgery. It uses radio frequency lasers and vacuum manipulation to decrease fat under the skin’s surface. At the same time you will experience skin tightening with this body contouring method. As a minimally invasive procedure, Viora is painless and affordable. You can transform your body shape in treatments that take less than an hour. This method is ideal for body contouring along the face, neck, and abdomen where more precision is required for body contouring.

How is Vaser® Shape used for body contouring?

Vaser® Shape is another non-invasive technique used to contour the shape of your body. Using ultrasound and massage therapy Dr. Rhee provides body contouring without pain or downtime. This procedure increases blood flow while reducing unsightly cellulite, which is the cause of dimpling and rippling skin. As a result you experience smoother, firmer skin for a more desirable body shape. Whether you want to improve the look of your love handles, thighs, buttocks, or chin this method is ideal for you.

Why should I choose non-invasive body contouring?

If you want to smooth your skin’s surface and reduce the look of sagging or dimpling body contouring is an ideal option. You save time and money by choosing these surgery-free techniques. Furthermore you do not have to take time off of work or in recovery using these minimally invasive methods. Instead you can transform your body during your lunch break without having any tell-tale signs of having anything done. Additionally by choosing to go to Dr. Rhee for body contouring you are in the best of care thanks to his medically approved methods. This ensures your health and well-being are of the utmost importance to your body contouring specialist.