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Age Spot & Wrinkle Reduction Specialist

JWR Wellness Clinics in Redlands, CA provides age spot & wrinkle reduction services. Using laser technology, Dr. Rhee can effectively remove these unsightly discolorations and lines from your face, neck, arms, and hands. Prior to your appointment for age spot & wrinkle reduction, find out what to expect with treatment.


Age Spot & Wrinkle Reduction F.A.Q.

How can Dr. Rhee remove age spots using laser technology?

Dr. Rhee has the latest laser technology to provide age spot removal. This technology includes a picosecond laser, resurfacing laser, and intense pulse light therapy. Depending on your skin’s condition and the degree of your age spots, Dr. Rhee will use the most appropriate laser technology. These lasers work by destroying the surface skin cells associated with the discoloration of age spots and stimulating new skin layer.

What are my options for wrinkle reductions?

Dr. Rhee provides laser anti-aging services. This includes wrinkle reduction using an innovative system of laser technology. Lasers are used in conjunction with medical and chemical treatments to effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. He can also use facial treatments to fill in the fines around your eyes and mouth for an instant improvement in your physical appearance.

What can I expect with age spot & wrinkle reduction treatments by Dr. Rhee?

The goal for age spot & wrinkle reduction treatments is to provide long term, on-going improvement to your skin’s condition. By using methods ranging from laser therapy to chemical treatments Dr. Rhee combats the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. This helps you to look years younger. Furthermore you can rest assured you are receiving medically approved treatments when getting treated by Dr. Rhee, He is a renowned preventive medicine physician who has been practicing medicine in the Inland Empire for nearly 20 years. He understands the beauty needs of the community, as well as the latest technology used to perform these treatments.

What about other pigment lesions like freckles, birthmarks, and melasma?

We've been hearing this questions quite a bit, so we created a separate page just for this. Click here: